Citizens’ Climate Lobby

Climate Change and National Security

June 24, 2016
The panel will explore the questions, “How will climate change affect our national security and what should we be doing about it  NOW? “  It will provide information for volunteers to use in meetings with MoC’s offices on Lobby Day and in grass roots efforts at home.  LtGen Castellaw will address the issue from two perspectives, his extensive military career and his experience since then as CEO of Farmspace Systems LLC in communicating  common values with farmers and rural communities.  Roger Sorkin will discuss his new organization, the Tidewater Security Project, which harnesses the power of film to move leaders and fellow citizens toward strengthening our national security against the greatest environmental threats civilization has ever faced.
Lt. Col. George Kralovec USMC (Ret)
CCL VA Fairfax Chapter
Chapter Leader
Lt. Gen. John Castellaw USMC (Ret)
Farmspace Systems LLC.
Roger Sorkin
Tidewater Security Project
Executive Producer

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