Citizens’ Climate Lobby

Leveraging Allies – Communicating with Conservatives

June 24, 2016
How comfortable are you talking to a conservative climate change skeptic?  Join us for this session to get tips on how to frame your conversation to lead to common ground.  Learn how moral foundations differ between liberals and conservatives and how to use that knowledge to build consensus on climate change.  Also hear how to leverage ingroup conservative allies to improve your chance of making climate change progress.  Next, ask questions directly to our expert panel on these topics and more.  
Grant Couch
CCL Conservative Caucus
Bruce Tierney
Citizens' Climate Lobby
Orange County Central Co-Leader
Dr. Bill Curtis
Mississippi Gulf Coast Chapter
Peter Bryn
Citizens' Climate lobby
Conservative Director
Jay Butera
Citizens' Climate Lobby
Senior Congressional Liaison
Zaurie Zimmerman
Zaurie Zimmerman Associates, Inc.

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