Citizens’ Climate University: Creative & Engaging Tabling Ideas

April 7, 2018

Excited to try out some fresh ideas to boost your group's tabling engagement?

Join Brett Cease, CCL's Volunteer Education & Engagement Coordinator to ​absorb ​the fun​, ​interactive ways CCL chapters around the country are creating to engage their community members at tabling events.

Tabling is one of the best ways to educate, empower, and encourage people to take action, as well as the chance to find community members interested in joining CCL.​ ​Use these tried and true approaches to help your group's efforts and encourage your newer volunteers to get engaged through a low-risk, non-threatening way to ​quickly ​develop their climate ​communication and ​listening skills.

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Core Volunteer Training: Celebrating Our Work Through Storytelling

March 30, 2018

Core Volunteer Training is specifically created to support you in becoming more active and empower you to achieve your larger goals for climate advocacy.

This webinar is the final installment in our 12-part series and focuses on the importance of storytelling and being ready to communicate through our own stories of personal transformation.

CCL's President and Founder Marshall Saunders joins as a special guest to share his own first lobbying experience as a volunteer, complete with setbacks and early victories and after Q&A the conversation is opened up to all attendees to share stories of empowerment, engagement, and experience that have helped expand our comfort zone and led you to unknown places.


CCL Tutorial: Strategies for Success with Municipal Resolutions

March 30, 2018

Join Sandy Simon, CCL's Municipal Resolutions Coordinator in a short lesson on how to communicate and build relationships with local elected officials and work effectively to pass municipal resolutions in support of federal carbon fee and dividend (CFD) legislation.

This tutorial guides volunteers interested in joining the success of nearly one hundred other cities in the steps to take to prepare for passing a city, county, and state resolution urging Congress to pass CFD legislation as well as the steps to take after your resolution passes.


CCL Agriculture Action Team Webinar: Mitigating Climate Change with Farmland (Audio Only)

March 23, 2018

Audio Only: Join the CCL Agriculture Action Team for a webinar featuring Jimmy Daukas, Senior Program Officer, and Samantha Levy, New York Policy Manager at American Farmland Trust, a national conservation organization dedicated to saving the land that sustains us.

Jimmy and Samantha present opportunities for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to a changing climate including farmland protection, smart solar siting, and improving soil health to sequester carbon. Jimmy provides an overview and Samantha focuses on “Greener Fields,” a recent AFT report on the important role that farmland protection and compact growth play in mitigating climate change.


CCL Agriculture Action Team Webinar: Investing in Rural America (Audio)

February 26, 2018

Audio Only: This webinar features Mike Lavender, the Senior Washington Representative for the Union of Concerned Scientists.

The farming sector has consolidated profoundly over the last several decades, which has had widespread negative consequences on communities across America. Lavender’s talk focuses on how the 2018 farm bill can reverse the downward trend in rural America by investing in all farmers and in local and regional food systems.


CCL Agriculture Action Team Webinar: Corn: The Convergence of Carbon, Climate & Soil Health (Audio)

February 14, 2018


Audio Only: This webinar features Keith Alverson, a board member of the South Dakota Farmer and National Corn Growers Association.

The presentation shares Keith’s experience with farming practices that have sequestered carbon in his farm’s soils, their relation to soil health and the economics of his farm. The discussion will also cover some of the work the National Corn Growers Association is doing on soil health and climate.

Keith also operates a sixth-generation farm near Chester, South Dakota, growing corn and soybeans on 2,700 acres. You can read about his farm at


How to schedule a lobby meeting

February 1, 2018

Learn the step-by-step process of scheduling a meeting with a member of Congress or their staff with CCL's Director of Operations Amy Bennett.


CCL Agriculture Action Team Webinar: Capturing Carbon with Grazing Management (Audio)

January 31, 2018

Audio Only: Dr. Jason Rowntree's webinar focuses on the impact of grazing management on soil carbon, and some of the approaches being implemented to monitor soil carbon and other important ecological indicators on farms and ranches. Dr. Jason Rowntree's mission is developing systems to increase the resilience of food production worldwide. 

As an associate professor of Animal Science at Michigan State University, he coordinates Lake City and UPREC AgBioResearch and Extension Centers where he addresses economic, environmental and social complexity in agriculture. He studies how grazing livestock can improve land and mitigate climate change by capturing carbon and providing other ecosystem services.


CCL Agriculture Action Team Webinar: The Politics of Agriculture and Climate Change

January 25, 2018

Join author Chris Clayton, who wrote the book, "The Elephant in the Cornfield: The Politics of Agriculture and Climate Change." He decided to write this book after the 2011 American Farm Bureau Federation annual meeting, where it was clear that members were dismissive of climate science and opposed to policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Clayton helps CCLers understand what topics are unifying and divisive in farm country when discussing climate change, and he also suggests positive messages consistent with the idea that farmers can be climate heroes.


CCL Agriculture Series: How Much Should We Invest? With Greg Page, former chairman of Cargill (Audio)

November 7, 2017

Audio Only: The CCL Agriculture Action Team’s six-week webinar series called “Agriculture at the Table” wraps up with its final session with this webinar. “How Much Should We Invest?” features guest speaker Greg Page, retired chairman and CEO of Cargill.

Over the course of his 42-year career with Cargill, Mr. Page held positions in the United States, Singapore, and Thailand in animal nutrition, poultry processing, beef and pork processing, and financial markets. Mr. Page was elected CEO in 2007 and since retiring has been an active contributor to the Risky Business project.