CCU: Exploring Carbon Fees & Clean Air Act Regulations

March 15, 2019

Join Dr. Ross Astoria, CCL Board Chairman and Chair of Politics, Philosophy, and Law Department at University of Wisconsin at Parkside for a webinar exploring the important history of the Clean Air Act and how key EPA regulations would interact with federal carbon pricing like the Energy Innovation Act.

Webinar slides:

Skip ahead to the following sections:

Administrative Law Review (2:19)

Clean Air Act History & Framework (5:27)

EPA Greenhouse Gas Regulations (14:07)

The Energy Innovation Act’s Pause (18:13)

Evaluation Framework For Carbon Pricing & Regulations (26:50)

Final Takeaways (39:10)

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CCU: Understanding Border Carbon Adjustments

March 8, 2019

Join Dr. Ross Astoria, CCL’s board chairman and trade law specialist for a training that provides an overview of the basics of border carbon adjustments, how they’re viewed and interpreted within international trade law.

This Citizens' Climate University training also provides updates on how the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act incorporates border carbon adjustments into its legislation as well as analyzes the practical aspects of implementation and constraints that designing an adjustment policy faces.

Skip ahead to the following sections:
Intro & Agenda (from beginning)
Context of International Trade (2:13)
History of Trade Treaties (5:59)
Interpreting Tariffs & Resolving Disputes (9:50)
Adjustment Design For Fossil Fuels & Carbon Intensive Goods (20:48)
Global Diplomacy Considerations (30:30)
Final Thoughts & Takeaways (39:20)

Tonight’s slides:
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CCU: A Fresh Approach To Engaging CCL Presentations

February 8, 2019

Are you excited to share engaging presentations about CCL and the Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act?

Join CCL leader Steve Levin and Dave Cain, CCL’s Presenter & Scheduler Action Team Lead, for a fresh approach and live demonstration of orienting people to climate change and CCL, including a focus on the Energy Innovation Act with CCL’s new Introductory Presentation.

Presentation Slides:

Skip ahead to the following sections:

Demo presentation begins (4:27)

Debriefing presentation (29:49)

How to Get Involved (31:39)

CCU: Taking Action Locally On the Energy Innovation Act

February 1, 2019

Join CCL’s Action Coordinator Todd Elvins and Volunteer Education Coordinator Brett Cease for a webinar highlighting the actions volunteers can take across all five levers of political will to generate support for the Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act.

Todd and Brett highlight a review of the actions all volunteers can take while walking through the "2019 CCL Chapter Action Guide" to help all CCL groups provide focused and widespread support for the new carbon fee and dividend legislation in Congress!

Skip ahead to the following sections:

Individual Actions (2:10)

Chapter Activities (7:15)

Lobbying Actions (12:56)

Grasstops Engagement Actions (17:50)

Grassroots Outreach Actions (29:45)

Media Outreach Actions (37:14)

Wrap Up & Contact Information (41:44)

Link to the Presentation Slides

CCU: Making In-District Lobby Meeting Plans (Audio)

January 18, 2019

The Energy Innovation Act provides an exciting opportunity for your group to start making plans to meet your Congressional members in district.

Join Amy Bennett, CCL’s Director of Congressional Liaisons and Lobby Days for a webinar that will walk you through the process of planning and setting up a successful meeting with your member of Congress back home in your community this spring.

Meeting in the local district of a member of Congress increases the likelihood of a face-to-face meeting and allows more CCL volunteers to participate in lobbying. This session will cover why meeting in-district is so important, how to involve local people of influence, and demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach by sharing some of CCL's success stories.

Skip ahead to the following sections:

Why In-District? (2:23)

Starting Out (5:13)

Coordinating the Plan (12:31)

Additional Resources (18:21)

Karl Danz's Story, Liaison for Rep. Eshoo (19:12)

Mike & Robin Hoy's Story, Liaisons for Rep. Fitzpatrick (27:13)

Wrap-up (35:53)

This training's presentation slides:

CCU: Tabling Updates On The Energy Innovation Act (Audio)

January 11, 2019

What are groups doing to table now that the Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act is out?

Join CCL Third Coast Regional Coordinator Susan Adams and CCL’s Special Projects Coordinator Taylor Krause for a webinar that reviews the updated materials available to help enhance your group’s tabling events as well as highlight guidelines on effective communications about the Energy Innovation Act legislation to the general public while you're out and active.

Presentation slides:

CCU: Climate Geopolitics- Making the Future We Want (Audio)

January 4, 2019

Curious about Citizens' Climate Lobby’s Presence at COP24, the recent international climate negotiations in Poland?

Join CCL’s Global Strategies Director Joe Robertson for a webinar updating listeners to the network of initiatives CCL is involved in throughout the larger international climate policymaking community and their strategic importance.

The webinar addresses how international climate negotiations work, where CCL is involved in the international dialogue, and the main practical connections to U.S. national law.

To skip ahead to a specific section:
1. The Structure of Climate Geopolitics (3:42)
2. What is at Stake (10:35)
3. Who is Involved? (14:12)
4. Climate Smart Finance (19:46)
5. What’s Next? (28:40)

To view the slides used in this presentation at:

CCU: Canada’s Emerging Carbon Fee & Dividend Framework (Audio)

December 21, 2018

Curious about how Canada’s Federal Carbon Pricing programcompares with the Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act?

Join Dr. David Maenz for an overview of Canada’s emerging climate action plan, a mixture of federal and provincial initiatives with carbon pricing in place across the country.

Dr. Maenz reviews the Pan-Canadian framework’s policy details in the context of the larger global efforts within the core objectives of the Paris Agreement as well as how this federal backstop policy compares with the recent Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act.

Dr. Maenz highlights research from Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission, The Pembina Institute, and Clean Prosperity in his presentation.

Have an additional question? Post it here on the CCL Canada Forum for Dr. Maenz to respond.

CCU: The Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act Legislative Details

November 30, 2018

Join Dr. Danny Richter, Citizen Climate Lobby's VP of Government Affairs, in a webinar highlighting the main details of the Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act's legislative text.

Danny walks through the Carbon Fee & Dividend components as well as the Carbon Equalization Tariff, Regulatory Adjustment, and Strategic Considerations on the Hill as well as some of the most frequent questions about the Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act from CCL volunteers.

For more information about the bill, visit: act

For full access to this lesson's presentation slides and video visit:

CCU: The Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act Media Plan

November 30, 2018

Join Steve Valk, Citizens' Climate Lobby's Communications Director and Flannery Winchester CCL's Communications Coordinator for a webinar highlighting the media strategy on the Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act for all CCL volunteers.

Flannery and Steve provide an overview of how to best engage your local media outlets, where to route national media interests, how to participate on social media, and where to find all of the resources for the Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act in CCL Community.

For more information about the bill, visit: act

For full access to this lesson's presentation slides and video visit: