Citizens’ Climate Lobby

CCL’s Fall 2022 Lobby Training #2: Primary & Supporting Asks

November 11, 2022

Join CCL's Vice President for Government Affairs Ben Pendergrass and Senior Director of Government Affairs Jennifer Tyler for a training that will review the updates and context for CCL's Fall 2022 Primary and Supporting Asks, as well as guidance for lobby teams as they plan their online meetings. This is a recommended training for any CCL volunteer planning on being a part of their group's December 2022 Lobby Meeting (as well as the previous month's- Lobby Training #1 - CCL's Legislative Plan: )

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(0:00) Intro & Agenda
(2:05) Where We’ve Been (Since June)
(5:17) The Election
(10:44) What About A Carbon Price?
(12:55) Opportunity for the Lame Duck
(18:35) Recommended Primary Asks
(26:08) More Information On Supporting Asks
(39:15) Communications Practice Video & Wrap-up
Additional Q&A Video: 

Presentation Slides: 
Primary Ask Resource: 
Training Page: 

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