Citizens’ Climate Lobby

CCL Training: 2019 June Meeting Analysis

October 25, 2019

Join Adeline DeYoung, CCL Legislative Assistant, as she walks through this year's June Meeting Analysis results as well as how you can use it in a meeting with a Member of Congress, the media, potential endorsers, and the larger community.

This annual analysis covers CCL's 528 meetings with members of Congress and their staff in June each summer. Additionally, the CCL June Meeting Analysis reports paved the way for the creation of the Frequently Raised Topics resource we use to prepare for meetings with members of Congress or their staff.

Skip ahead to the following section(s):
How was this done? (3:30)
What were the most frequent topics? (9:23)
Change of annual trends (13:38)
Other Frequently Raised Topics (and where to find them) (15:57)
Assessing Engagement (21:11)

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Frequently Raised Topics Resource:
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