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CCL Training: Hosting Climate Simulations In Your Community

July 19, 2019

Andrew Jones, CCL's July 2019 monthly speaker and co-founder of Climate Interactive, engages attendees with a review of Climate Interactive's new climate policy simulator, En-ROADS, built with MIT Sloan.

Explore the power of a steadily rising price on carbon through policies like the Energy Innovation Act as well as other strategies to address climate change to highlight complementary climate goals including the impact of changes in energy, land use, consumption, agriculture, and other policies.

Skip ahead to the following section(s):
Background and History of the En-ROADS Tool (3:11)
Expert Opinion and Assumptions (7:24)
Using the Simulator (9:30)
Demo-ing the Simulator (12:00)
Modeling the Energy Innovation Act's Inputs (24:20)
When En-ROADS Will Be Released & Training Plan (26:58)
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