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CCL Training: How To Host Online Zoom Meetings

March 20, 2020

Join CCL's Field Development Director Elli Sparks & Volunteer Education Coordinator Brett Cease for a training that walks through the process of setting up and hosting an online group meeting on Zoom. For those interested in minimizing public meetings, hosting online meetings offer a safe alternative to meeting in person and this training walks through the considerations to get you started.

Skip ahead to the following section(s):
Setting Up For Success (3:10)
Practicing With Zoom (14:36)
+Audio Controls (18:30)
+Video Controls (22:24)
+Renaming Users (23:18)
+Monitoring Chat (24:24)
+Claiming Host Key (26:45)
+Sharing Screen (28:24)
+Breakout Rooms (31:06)
+Ending The Meeting (34:37)
+Additional Controls (35:20)
Where To Go For Technical Support (40:45)
Suggestions For Engagement (44:05)

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