Citizens’ Climate Lobby

CCL Training: How To Tour Your State or Region

October 21, 2022

Ever wanted to find out what other CCL volunteers have done to build new chapters in their state and region? If you’re interested in helping expand CCL’s presence into new areas and every Congressional district then this training is for you! Learn what other CCL volunteers have done to set up climate change oriented tours throughout their area of the region to expand CCL’s presence into every Congressional district.

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(0:00) Intro & Agenda 
(4:11) Step 1: Overview/  Getting Started
(6:54) CCL Utah Tour 2022
(10:55) Step 2. Find Volunteers 
(13:10) CCL TN/KY Tour 2022
(18:02) Step 3. Schedule Events
(19:32) Step 4. Budget
(21:08) Step 5. Promote
(23:09) CCL ND Tour 2022
(26:52) Step 6. Get Out There!
(30:01) CCL MS Tour 2022
(33:27) Step 7. Follow-up & Conclusion

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CCL Community Page: 

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