Citizens’ Climate Lobby

CCL Training: Introducing CCL’s Stand With Ukraine Campaign

April 8, 2022

Join CCL's Marketing Manager Ashley Hunt-Martorano and Vice President of Organizational Strategy Tony Sirna for a training that will introduce CCL's Stand With Ukraine Campaign. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine we’ve all seen the calls to “drill, drill, drill”, and the President and some members of Congress pushing back on that with a clean energy agenda. We want to make sure the President and members of Congress know there is support from their constituents for prioritizing clean energy as a way to achieve real energy independence and reduce the power of autocrats and dictators like Putin.

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(0:00) Intro & Agenda
(2:26) Campaign Background & Objectives
(5:32) Creative Choices We Made
(10:18) Volunteer Resources 
(16:50) Tabling Event Ideas & Talking Points

Presentation Slides: 
Training Page on CCL Community: 
Main Ukraine Action Campaign: 
Ukraine Graphics: 

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