Citizens’ Climate Lobby

CCL Training: Introduction to the Anti-Racism & Allyship Guide

May 6, 2022

CCL strives to provide a welcoming space for people from all backgrounds and cultures. Join Karina Ramirez, CCL's Diversity and Inclusion Director, for an introduction to CCL's anti-racism and allyship guide. This resource guide has been written by staff and volunteers to provide resources for those driven to dive more deeply into understanding the importance of anti-racism work including highlighting portions of our ongoing work regarding Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) and why it is integral to our work as climate advocates. 

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  • (0:00) Intro & Agenda
  • (2:16) Disclaimer & Community Agreements
  • (3:52) About the Guide
  • (7:53) Four Types of Racism
  • (12:52) On Being An Ally & Understanding White Privilege
  • (25:13) Reflection & After Work

Presentation Slides:

Anti-Racism & Allyship Guide: 

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