Citizens’ Climate Lobby

CCL Training: Mining Your Chapter Roster

April 14, 2022

Join Elli Sparks, CCL's Field Development Director, for a training that will highlight new ways of engaging your chapter roster to build a thriving local chapter filled with engaged volunteers focused on roles and tasks they love. Elli will review new resources to help our chapters like a template for a virtual signup sheet (3rd bullet) and an organizational chart Jamboard to identify volunteer opportunities within your chapter. Elli will also review how to build a leadership team, determine which roles you would like to fill in your chapter next, and access the Volunteer Opportunities Emails for template emails you can send to your chapter roster to recruit for those positions.

Skip ahead to the following section(s):
(0:00) Intro & Agenda
(2:41) Virtual Signup Sheet (Action Sheet)
(11:44) Chapter Organizational Chart
(17:46) Volunteer Opportunities Emails
(22:56) Empowering Your Requesting
(28:20) Action Tracker - Recent Actions

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