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CCL Training: Recent Research on Local Climate Change Impacts

April 5, 2019

Are you interested in finding out more about what recent climate change research is finding out behind specific local impacts?

Join CCL Science Policy Network Leader Dana Nuccitelli for a training that provides an overview of the findings from the recent 4th National Climate Assessment Report and related research in what to anticipate in terms of impacts to sea level rise, flooding, wildfire, heat waves, drought, snowpack, ice, and biodiversity loss as well as how to frame these local impacts in your own communications.

Skip ahead to the following sections:
4th National Climate Assessment Report Background (2:39)
The Southeast: Sea Level Rise & Hurricanes (7:26)
The Midwest & Great Plains: Flooding & Heat Waves (14:51)
The Southwest: Wildfires & Drought (19:24)
Alaska: Arctic Ice Loss (31:49)
The Northwest: Shrinking Snowpack (33:09)
The Northeast: Biodiversity (35:56)
Communicating Impacts: Tools To Help Make it Local (39:04)

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