Citizens’ Climate Lobby

CCL Training: Reframing - Moving People from Resistance to Support

May 16, 2020

You already know what to say…but what if they don’t come along? Learn how to respond to resistance by tapping into their values and beliefs, then finding a more useful frame that allows them to join our cause. Join Steve Levin‍, an Executive Coach & Organizational Change consultant with over 20 years experience, and leader of workshops in “Powerful Conversations” to help leaders and coaches be more influential. We will practice on real and realistic scenarios that we face every day, so come prepared to experiment and discover the power of reframing.

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The Importance of Reframing (3:10)
Four Steps To Reframing (7:42)
Examples of Reframing (8:55)
Practice Reframing (14:58)
Final Review (23:20)

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