Citizens’ Climate Lobby

CCL Training: Self-Care For Stress Reduction

April 3, 2020

The overwhelming unknown of a global pandemic, impacting our families, our futures, and for many of us, our own well-being is quite the recipe for chaos, both inside and out. Add to this the underlying stress of climate change and everyday life management and our well-being as climate advocates can teeter on the edge. This training features CCL Pacific Northwest Regional Coordinator and Education & Engagement Assistant Tamara Staton and CCL's Peer Support Action Team Co-leads Laura Sacks and Jeff Joslin to support us in attending to our inner advocate - the one who so clearly wants change, ease and calm, but may at times struggle to find it.

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Consider The Context (4:28)
Know Yourself & Accept Your Needs (5:57)
Lean On Your Resources (10:04)
The Importance Of Play (18:14)
Climate Anxiety Event (27:36)
CCL Peer Support Action Team (30:32)

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