Citizens’ Climate Lobby

CCL Training: Understanding Economic Support For Carbon Fee & Dividend Policies

August 31, 2020

CCL continues to bolster our case with top-notch economic modeling. Join CCL Research Coordinator Jerry Hinkle for a training that discusses recent research that supports our advocacy of H.R. 763 on two fronts. The first is a new paper lead by Dr. Noah Kaufman that shows the baseline carbon price is estimated to achieve net-zero CO2 emissions in the US by 2050, and the second by Dr. Shindell's team shows policies like the Energy Innovation Act will generate $700 billion a year in US health benefits.

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Carbon Prices Yield Net-Zero by 2050 (2:32)
Policy Costs vs. Policy Benefits (10:52)
Widespread Economic Support (19:59)

Presentation Slides:

CCL Community Training Page:
Dr. Kaufman et al.'s Nature Climate Change paper:

Dr. Shindell's Team Research:

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