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CCL Training: Using the Personal Carbon Dividend Calculator

October 5, 2019

Recent updates to the Personal Carbon Dividend Calculator help make it even an easier--to-use online tool to estimate the financial outcome of the policy for an individual household under the first-year carbon dioxide fee of $15 per metric ton. It's a way to take the abstract statistical findings of the Household Impact Study down to the personal level.

Join Rick Knight, CCE's Research Coordinator and Bryan Hermsen, CCL's IT Administrator and Applications Developer as they walk through the updates for this CCL-created powerful tool for all CCL volunteers.

Calculator Link:

This tool is a handy way to answer questions from friends, family, interested parties at a tabling event or presentation, or potential supporters who need a clearer idea of how carbon fee and dividend policies work. It can be used to create case studies for households in a particular Congressional District or town and can also be used to find out how certain lifestyle change will affect your bottom line under our policy.

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What is the Calculator? (2:20)
What's been updated? (5:39)
Where can I access it? (8:43)
Calculator Case Studies (10:42)
What about negative results & how do I use it? (19:14)

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