Citizens’ Climate Lobby

CCL Training: Utilizing State-Level Climate Policy Impact Tools

January 14, 2022

Join CCL Research Coordinator Jerry Hinkle for a review of six different climate impact and policy tools available to CCL volunteers in the Local Impacts category of our resource directory to help you understand the impacts on the state level. Jerry will review some of the recent research available to include in your advocacy, including the Health Co-Benefits by State from Decarbonization, Household Impact Study Resource, Rural Economic Benefits of Climate Policy, and Climate Central's Tools.

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  • (0:00) Intro & Agenda
  • (4:31) PNAS: Health, Agriculture & Labor Benefits
  • (8:18) Household Impact Study
  • (10:18) Nature: Poverty Alleviation
  • (12:24) MIT: Net Climate Policy Benefits
  • (15:11) Rural Economic Benefits
  • (20:30) State Climate Policy Dashboard

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