Citizens’ Climate Lobby

CCL’s Core Volunteer Training: Celebrating Storytelling

April 5, 2019

Join CCL's President and Founder Marshall Saunders for a special training focusing on the transformative power of storytelling.

Marshall shares his own experience starting CCL, complete with setbacks and early victories

The training opens up to all volunteer stories on the line reflecting on moment they are most proud of as a CCL volunteer and what experiences helped expand comfort zones, leading to unknown places.

Core Volunteer Training is a series specifically created to support you in becoming more active with CCL and answering any questions you might have across a wide range of topics.

Skip ahead to the following sections:
The Power of Stories (2:05)
The Purpose of Stories (4:54)
Marshall's Story of CCL's Beginning (8:06)
Stories of Empowerment & Transformation (19:20)
Closing Reflection & Wrap-up (29:31)

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