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CCR 65 Extreme Heat and Insurance Solutions with Kathy Baughman McLeod

October 21, 2021

Kathy Baughman McLeod, SVP, Atlantic Council & Director, Adrienne Arsht - Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center reveals the many risks that come with extreme heat. She also provides multiple solutions, including innovative ways to use insurance to change the way we build and respond to extreme weather.

Kathy Baughman McLeod leads the Center’s work to reach one billion people worldwide with climate resilience solutions by 2030. She also chairs the Extreme Heat Resilience Alliance which partners with climate-forward Mayors around the world to appoint Chief Heat Officers. Additionally, Kathy is spearheading the global push to name and categorize heat waves. She was formerly Global Executive for Environmental and Social Risk at Bank of America, Managing Director for Climate Risk & Resilience at The Nature Conservancy, and a Florida Climate Commissioner. She is the recipient of the Duke University Fuqua School of Business 2021 “Leader of Consequence” award.

Learn more about Kathy and her work to reach one billion people with climate solutions by visiting One Billion Resilient. Follow Kathy on Twitter. 

Articles by Kathy Baughman McLeod and others about responding to extreme heat.

Foreign Affairs’Building a Resilient Planet,” Marketplace’sHow the U.S. could be smarter about insuring against extreme weather-related disasters,” The Financial Times’Cities Appoint ‘Heat Officers’ In Response to Warming Threat,” The New Yorker’s “Oil’s Bad, Bad Day,” The Climate Pod’sHow Do We Live with Hotter ‘Climate Normals’?,” Reuter’s U.S. Cities Hire specialists to counter climate change as impacts worsen,” and Fast Company’sAthens will be the first European city to appoint a Chief Heat Officer.”bHeat is Killing Us and The Economy Too The Atlantic Council

The Art House

Joining us in the Art House is Marissa Slaven. In 2019 we featured her in Episode 33 to talk about her young adult climate themed novel, Code Blue. Now Marissa is back with the squeal, Code Red. She was inspired by her daughter to write this series of eco-fiction thriller, where a teenage girl and her friends battle climate change. I sat down with her to talk about the new book and to hear her read an excerpt. To learn more about Marissa and her books, visit Stormbird Press. You can also follow her on Twitter. 

You can hear standalone versions of The Art House at Artists and Climate Change

Good News Report

Our good news story this month comes from Flannery Winchester, communications director at Citizens Climate Lobby. Because of the many efforts by CCL volunteers, the needle is moving towards carbon fee and dividend as one of the ways to address climate change. She talks about the budget reconciliation process and volunteer lobbying and how politicians and the press are responding.

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