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CCR 76 Building Personal Resilience in Your Climate Work

September 22, 2022

In today’s show we will talk about resiliency for you and me as individuals doing climate work. You will learn about ways you can prepare yourself for a variety of emotional, psychological, interpersonal, and even physical impacts you may experience as a climate worker. 

Laureline Simon is the founder and executive director of One Resilient Earth, an international non-profit organization that designs transdisciplinary educational projects for communities impacted by climate change, youth and sustainability professionals, to respond to the climate and biodiversity crises through resilience, regeneration and transformation.To help meet the emotional needs of fellow climate workers, Laureline now hosts a weekly on-line gathering. The hour-long Climate Workers Circle takes place every Tuesday at 2:00 pm Eastern Time. 

Laureline has worked on climate change mitigation and adaptation at the international level since 2006. She first supported women-led post-disaster reconstruction projects in rural India with the Indian NGO SEWA. She then worked on the identification and financing of large-scale climate change mitigation and biodiversity conservation projects in South Asia with the French Development Agency, before leading a multi-year research program on adaptation to climate change in cities of sub-Saharan Africa. 

At the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat, she coordinated activities related to knowledge management and stakeholder engagement on adaptation to climate change, helped set up the Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples’ platform, supported a task force on population displacements related to climate change, and coordinated Resilience Frontiers, a pioneering collective intelligence process on long-term resilience. Laureline studied international relations and development at Sciences Po, as well as Indian languages at INALCO in Paris. 

The Art House

In the Art House American photographer and poet, Susan Currie tells us about a new book she wrote for fellow artists, especially when we feel stuck. In Super Flow she provides insights, practices, and practical advice on how to maintain a fresh, creative, sustainable artistic flow. 

Susan Currie is a West Palm Beach-based poet with a camera. Her words and images have been widely exhibited and published. She met her muse some time ago when she discovered the ancient eight-limbed practice of yoga. Its way of life continues to inform and imprint the art she makes.Her new works of visual art are on exhibit in a number of private collections, and at Chase Edwards Contemporary in Bridgehampton, NY.

NEW Resilience Corner

Tamara Staton premieres the first in series designed to help us stay strong and focused in our climate work. Tamara is the Education and Resilience Coordinator for Citizens Climate Education, and in this first installment of the Resilience Corner, she outlines for us the Five Steps to Resilience Building. 

  1. Notice what you're needing, feeling or experiencing right now. 
  2. Accept that what you need is what you need.  Allow yourself to be free from judgment about what that means about you or your upbringing or your surroundings.
  3. Seek Help with those needs that you struggle to meet yourself. 
  4. Practice meeting your needs. It will naturally look different for everyone. And, It may take some trial and error to see what will meet your needs and how. 
  5. Repeat these five steps regularly.  

Next month we’ll take a closer look at Noticing and Accepting what we're needing, feeling, and experiencing in any particular moment. Get more tips and resources by visiting The Resiliency Hub

If you are interested in a regular on-going discussion about local, regional, and national adaptations, and the ways we use infrastructure, policy, and government to prepare for the impacts of climate change, listen to Doug Parson’s America Adapts.

Good News Report

Flannery Winchester, communications director at Climates Climate explains that while the Inflation Reduction Act will not solve all of our climate change problems, it is a significant step with benefits for all American citizens on the Right, Left, and Center.  

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