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CCR 77 Bearing Witness and Speaking Up with Julio Cochoy & Anne Therese Gennari

October 27, 2022

Julio Victor Cochoy Alva grew up in Guatemala and speaks about his mountain village with great affection. It is a place of beauty. It also continues to be a site of deep trauma. In fact, you will hear details about the war Julio witnessed as a boy. These mountainous communities were often hidden away. Many times you could only reach them through narrow mountain trails on horseback. As a result, Julio was shielded from a major conflict happening in Guatemala. A Civil war broke out in 1960 five years before he was born.

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Julio talks about the impacts the Guatemalan Civil had on indigenous people, the land, and communities. Today he is a witness to the impacts of climate change. He talks about the ways these impacts are similar and how they are different. He raises important questions. When it comes to Climate Change, who is the enemy? Who do we resist? How do we make peace and pursue justice? 

10 years ago, Julio and his partner Doris Kizinna began World Pilgrim Global Education. Though the Covid-19 Pandemic interrupted tours to Guatemala, they will resume in February 2023.  Learn how individuals, families and groups can visit Julio’s village

The Art House

Originally from Sweden Anne Therese Gennari came to New York City to speak up about the issues that moved her. First step, become a model. She quickly learned the model agencies wanted her to keep her mouth shut. She was there to represent the brand, not speak her truth. 

From a young age Anne Therese Gennari felt connected to the natural world. She carried this passion for sustainability and caring for the planet into her adulthood. She realized if she wanted to speak out as a model, she needed to create a new kind of model agency, one that makes room for models with a message..  

Anne Therese talks about challenges facing social media influencers and gives practical tips on being authentic and true to yourself. She also produces the Climate Optimist newsletter. She agreed to read an excerpt from her upcoming book, The Climate Optimist--How to shift the narrative on climate change and find the courage to choose change.

NEW Resilience Corner

Tamara Staton  is the Education and Resilience Coordinator for Citizens Climate Education, and in this installment of the Resilience Corner she has us consider what we need. 

What you need and want is exactly that - at least for right now.  While there’s nothing wrong with wanting or even trying to change those needs and wants, you’re likely not going to get very far in this moment when what you actually need is acceptance.

Next month Tamara will take a closer look at asking for help.  Get more tips and resources by visiting The Resiliency Hub

Good News Report

Our good news story is about a billionaire who is giving his billions to help take on climate change. The Good News Network reports, Patagonia Gives Away Its Entire $3 Billion Worth To Fight Climate Change. Watch a clip on YouTube from The Daily Show about this incredible good news.  

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