Citizens’ Climate Lobby

CCU: Taking Action Locally On the Energy Innovation Act

February 1, 2019

Join CCL’s Action Coordinator Todd Elvins and Volunteer Education Coordinator Brett Cease for a webinar highlighting the actions volunteers can take across all five levers of political will to generate support for the Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act.

Todd and Brett highlight a review of the actions all volunteers can take while walking through the "2019 CCL Chapter Action Guide" to help all CCL groups provide focused and widespread support for the new carbon fee and dividend legislation in Congress!

Skip ahead to the following sections:

Individual Actions (2:10)

Chapter Activities (7:15)

Lobbying Actions (12:56)

Grasstops Engagement Actions (17:50)

Grassroots Outreach Actions (29:45)

Media Outreach Actions (37:14)

Wrap Up & Contact Information (41:44)

Link to the Presentation Slides