Citizens’ Climate Lobby

CCU: Understanding Border Carbon Adjustments

March 8, 2019

Join Dr. Ross Astoria, CCL’s board chairman and trade law specialist for a training that provides an overview of the basics of border carbon adjustments, how they’re viewed and interpreted within international trade law.

This Citizens' Climate University training also provides updates on how the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act incorporates border carbon adjustments into its legislation as well as analyzes the practical aspects of implementation and constraints that designing an adjustment policy faces.

Skip ahead to the following sections:
Intro & Agenda (from beginning)
Context of International Trade (2:13)
History of Trade Treaties (5:59)
Interpreting Tariffs & Resolving Disputes (9:50)
Adjustment Design For Fossil Fuels & Carbon Intensive Goods (20:48)
Global Diplomacy Considerations (30:30)
Final Thoughts & Takeaways (39:20)

Tonight’s slides:
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