Citizens’ Climate Lobby

Core Volunteer Training: Climate Change Science

March 17, 2019

Join Dr. Sandra Kirtland Turner, CCE Board Member and Assistant Professor of Paleoclimate at UC - Riverside for a deeper discussion about: 

  • Understanding the natural carbon cycle as well as the basic concepts behind climate change (4:11)
  • Exploring how humans factor in (11:28)
  • The importance behind the scientific method and peer review process (18:33)
  • Responding to common questions (21:31)
  • A Success Story: The Ozone Hole (30:24)
  • Final Takeaways about communicating the science of climate change (36:18)
  • How to take action to find out more information and connect with climate scientists local to your group (40:26)

Core Volunteer Training is specifically created to engage and support new CCL volunteers in becoming more active and answering any questions you might have across a wide range of topics.

Training Slides:

Training on CCL Community:



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