Citizens’ Climate Lobby

Diversity Training for an Empowered CCL - #CCL2019 Conference

June 25, 2019

CCL Leaders from across the country offer tools and insights to help individuals who desire to build a more diverse chapter and improve your networking with people of color organizations.

Karina Ramirez, CCL Diversity Outreach Coordinator,
Princella Talley, CCL Diversity OutreachCoordinator,
Clara Fang, CCL Higher Education Outreach Coordinator,
Rev. Soniyyah B. Key, Fort Smith, AR Group Leader

Skip ahead to the following section(s):
Intros & Overview (from beginning)
Diversity & the Climate Movement (13:09)
Diversity Now (32:29)
Introduction To Diversity Training (1:17:24)
Toolbox For Chapter Diversity Preparation (2:08:24)

#CCL2019 Conference Presentations & Videos:
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