Citizens’ Climate Lobby

Dr. Harold Dorrell Briscoe | Inclusion Conference Keynote Address

September 18, 2022

The evidence of climate change is incontrovertible. Yet, among Christians (particularly the evangelical community), working to ensure a just and sustainable climate is met with derision, ignorance, and hostility. According to a study from the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, evangelicals are most likely to believe that God expects humans to be good stewards of nature. Unfortunately, that same study shows that evangelicals are least likely to believe climate change is real and human-caused. Adapting to climate change will require more than policy-level change; we have to see that the real root of our trouble lies in anthropological and theological conceptions about who we are and in relation to the planet. Global warming is happening at an alarming rate because humans lack an appropriate understanding of ourselves. 


Dr. Harold Dorrell Briscoe discusses the distorted theological notion of unlimited desire that fuels our market system and how to have an alternative ecological economic order that is ecologically just and sustainable.

Dr. Briscoe’s Book:

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