Citizens’ Climate Lobby

Dr. Jennifer Carman | Citizens’ Climate Lobby | March 2022 National Meeting

March 12, 2022

If politicians are paying more attention to the climate issue than ever before, perhaps it’s because their constituents are more concerned than ever before. Earlier this year, a survey from the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication showed that those who are “alarmed” now represent the largest segment of Yale’s “Six Americas.” Our guest this month is Jennifer Carman, a postdoctoral associate with the Yale Program, whose research focuses on identifying and supporting behaviors that individuals and communities can take to adapt to both short- and long-term climate change impacts. She joins us for a conversation on how opinions and attitudes have shifted in recent years, lending more urgency for politicians to take action on climate change.

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(0:00) Introduction & Agenda
(2:30) Jennifer's Presentation
(22:22) Q&A Discussion
(28:44) Recent Updates w/ Conference &  March Fundraising
(36:32) CCL's Reflections on Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

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