Citizens’ Climate Lobby

Engaging Conservatives 2017 Conference Breakout (Audio)

June 26, 2017

Audio Only: How do we unlock and support the growing desire among conservatives to manage climate change risk? Whether engaging a cautious supporter or encountering an ardent skeptic, we need to be prepared to find common ground with folks across the political spectrum.

Join CCL’s Conservative Caucus in welcoming an esteemed panel of friends from allied organizations representing a range of right-leaning perspectives. We’ll highlight the importance of empowering conservative voices, offer strategies to get them engaged, and lay a foundation for effective messaging. Finally, we’ll introduce the range of conservative outreach resources available through CCL.

Zaurie Zimmerman,Moderator, CCL; Alex Smith, College Republican National Committee; The Honorable Claudine Schneider,
Former U.S. Congresswoman for RI; Peter Bryn, Citizens' Climate Lobby; Sean Themea, Young Americans for Liberty; RJ Lyman,
ML Strategies

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