Citizens’ Climate Lobby

From the Arctic to the Amazon Protecting Vulnerable Places and Populations

June 24, 2016
Although climate change is everywhere, its impacts are borne unevenly, and those most vulnerable bear the harshest consequences. We will illuminate the chains of cause and effect linking global warming to ongoing disruptions in the Arctic, the Amazon, and to the avian populations that rely on rainforests, arctic habitats, and everywhere in between.  Having broken the planetary carbon cycle, and in addition to reducing sources of carbon (by for example pricing carbon) we must repair carbon sinks that we’ve damaged and prevent future damage. From this perspective, we’ll take a brief look at the role of the Arctic and forests in terms of what’s happening now and opportunities for restorative action.
Harold Hedelman
Business Climate Leaders
Director of Engagment
Matthew Anderson
National Audubon Society
Vice President of the Climate Initiative
Sean Powers
Earth Rights International
David Thoreson
Blue Water Studios

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