Citizens’ Climate Lobby

Getting Everything Right: Ambitious Global Climate Action after Paris

June 24, 2016
The Paris Agreement brings all 195 nations that are parties to the 1992 UN Climate Convention into an active role in combatting climate change. It adds new principles to international law—like adherence to intergenerational equity and coherence of direction in decarbonization—and sends the strongest signal the world has yet seen to investors everywhere to change practices and eliminate climate damage from their activities. Learn how innovative carbon pricing, innovative global governance strategies, and innovative modes of citizen engagement are bringing us closer to a genuinely ambitious global climate response
Joseph Robertson
Citizens' Climate Education
Global Strategy Director
Myra Jackson
United Nations
UN Permanent Representative and Focal Point on Climate Change, Diplomat of the Biosphere, SRC
Thomas Kerr
World Bank Group/IFC
World Bank Climate Team
Alden Meyer
Union of Concerned Scientists
Director of Strategy & Policy

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