Citizens’ Climate Lobby

Jad Daley and Joel Pannell | Citizens’ Climate Lobby | May 2022 Monthly Meeting

May 14, 2022

Increasing the number of trees is an effective means to store carbon that also has bipartisan support. But the preservation and planting of trees isn’t just a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It’s also a way to foster environmental justice by improving the quality of life in urban areas where people of color are often marginalized. Jad Daley, President and CEO, and Joel Pannell, Vice President of Urban Forestry, will discuss American Forests’ work with tree cover in American cities, which is often determined by income and race, and the work their organization is doing to restore forest health across the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

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(0:00) Introduction & Agenda
(3:03) Jad & Joel's Presentation
(23:59) Q&A Discussion
(31:53) May Monthly Actions 

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