Citizens’ Climate Lobby

James Balog | Citizens’ Climate Lobby | February 2022 Monthly Meeting

February 12, 2022

Many people now working to preserve a livable world were motivated after viewing the documentary "Chasing Ice." Pictures, as they say, are worth a thousand words, and James Balog's images and films speak volumes about the damage human activities have inflicted on our environment. For 35 years, the acclaimed photographer has documented how we have modified our planet's natural systems. He founded the Earth Vision Institute, whose work was featured in "Chasing Ice." He has a new book out, based on the film, "The Human Element: A Time Capsule from the Anthropocene," and we were thrilled to have him join us on this month's call.

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(0:00) Intro & Agenda
(6:19) James's Presentation
(22:09) Q&A Discussion
(25:33) Legislative Update
(33:45) February Monthly Actions

CCL's February Action Sheet:
February Pre-Call Video: 
Earth Vision Institute: 
Chasing Ice: 
James Balog's New Book: 
James's Inside Climate News Essay: 

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