Citizens’ Climate Lobby

Patrick Verkooijen | Citizens’ Climate Lobby | October 2015 Monthly Speaker

October 3, 2015
Our guest for the October call was Dr. Patrick Verkooijen, Deputy Special Envoy for Climate Change for the World Bank Group. He has been working closely with Rachel Kyte, the World Bank Vice President and Special Envoy for Climate Change, and has been instrumental in the building of the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition. 
On the national call, Dr. Verkooijen spoke about the World Bank’s involvement in climate change and the role it is playing to facilitate carbon pricing throughout the world. Originally from the Netherlands, he became Special Representative for Climate Change at the World Bank in July 2012, and represents the World Bank in UN meetings on climate change, and serves as principal advisor to the Vice President SDN, specifically engaging with the UN and other partners leading global efforts in the climate change area.

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