Citizens’ Climate Lobby

Understanding Economic Support For Carbon Fee & Dividend Policies

April 21, 2021

The economic case for a revenue neutral carbon tax, such as the Energy Innovation Act, has never been stronger. Join CCL Research Coordinator Jerry Hinkle for a training that evaluates the climate and health benefits of the Energy Innovation Act and compares them to the policy costs to outline why there is such widespread support from economists for such policies.  

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(0:00) Emission Reductions & Getting To Net Zero
(45:22) Impact on GDP 
(1:19:56) Climate & Health Benefits
(1:52:47) Impact on Jobs 
(2:27:02) Distribution & Fairness Concerns
(3:01:48) Regulations & Complementary Policies 

Full White Paper: 
*All studies cited in the footnotes of the slides on CCL Community's training page: 

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