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CCR Ep 18 Aaron Telitz Race Driver Climate Advocate

November 27, 2017

Today on the show you are going to meet an unlikely climate advocate, Aaron Telitz--an Indy car racer. Originally from Birchwood, WI, Aaron grew up at a fishing resort and could filet a bluegill fish in 25 seconds. Wanting to experience the thrill of more speed, Aaron turned to amateur car racing which led to professional racing. This past season he did something radical--he charged himself a carbon fee for all of the oil, gas, and tires he used. Host, Peterson Toscano interviews Aaron about this incredibly fast car yet surprisingly effiecient car, carbon pricing, Aaron's favorite foods, and much more. 

Art House

Hope Clark is the director of Wheebarrow Productions. A trained dancer from the USA, Hope began doing community art in Northern Africa. Now based in Kent County Maryland, USA, Hope has turned her attention towards climate change. She is working on a community art piece called Make a Movement. This is a work in progress. Learn how she is attempting to use movement and a very large parachute to help community members young and old to explore climate change. 


Hear an answer to last month's puzzler question: Are these recent extreme weather events in the USA and beyond caused by climate change? 

New Puzzler Question

It is actually not a puzzler, just a question. Do you like this puzzler question segement? Is it helpful? Should we continue with it? Do you have puzzler question suggestions. 

Get back to Peterson by December 20, 2017. Write him: info @ citizensclimate .org

Dig Deeper

Next months episode will explore mental health issues and climate change (drops 25 December 2017)

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