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Citizens Climate Radio Ep 8 Nepal to the Marshall Islands

January 23, 2017

We like to share perspectives from many parts of the world through the guests on our podcast. In today's show Peterson Toscano interviews two men from two very different climates and cultures. Still they have some real similarities. 24 year old Aryan Uprety, lives 1400 meters above sea-level in the city of Katmandu, the capital of Nepal. Chris Balos is a 28 year old man in the American South, but he is originally from the Marshall Islands. Both men are passionate about addressing climate change. They speak about how global warming is affecting their home countries. But they are not one issue guys; various issues move them to action. In fact, it is their ability to pursue answers to intersecting problems that make them successful in their climate advocacy.

Art House

Ashley Mazanec, a singer/songwriter from Encinitas California, joins us in the art house. She not only tells us about some of the songs on her new album, Let's Talk about the Weather, she fills the segment with her powerful and lively music. In addition to making music, Ashley is holding regularly monthly events that bring together other eco artists. 


Jean Johnson from Alexandria, Minnesota sent in an excellent answer to last month's puzzler about carbon dioxide. Not only does she accurately address Luncinda's question, (Wait is CO2 good or bad for the planet?) she models a warm and friendly response that no doubt will open up the conversation. 

Here is our new puzzler: You are at a party, and you mention to a neighbor your renewed commitment to address climate change.  Your neighbor, let's call him Samuel, says, "Wait a minute, I kinda like the idea of a little warming. We could sure use more more heat up North. Think of the opportunities for agriculture. I don't know; seems like global warming has some real upsides to it."

Samuel is not alone in thinking this. So what would you say to Samuel?

Send Peterson your answers. Leave your name, contact info, and where you are from.

Get back to him by February 15th 2017. You can email your answers to radio @ that’s radio @ You can also text him or leave a voicememo of 3 minutes or less at 570.483.8194. (+1 if calling from outside the USA.)

Dig Deeper

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