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Citizens Climate Radio Ep 9 Rebel and Advocate w/ Eileen Flanagan

February 27, 2017

So much protesting, marching, and disruption happening these days. What are the best ways to get governments to address pollution and the effects of global warming? Eileen Flanagan, a writer, a social change teacher, a Quaker, and an activist, chats with host, Peterson Toscano about the four different roles people have traditionally taken in change movements. Are you a rebel, an advocate, an organizer, or a helper? Maybe a little bit of each. How do these models apply to organizations. Amani Thurman, a college student who has spent time protesting but has begun to do volunteer lobbying weighs in. You will also hear under-reported good news happening with American Conservatives and climate change.

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And now for some climate comedy... Elizabeth Jeremiah, a comic character created by Peterson, talks about blessings and curses. To help drive her point home, she explains how carbon dioxide polluted by humans acts as a generational curse, one that falls upon the heads of the childresn "and the children's children's children." Drawing on lessons she learned in church, Elizabeth Jeremiah issues a call for national repentance. Turn away from that flamboyant, sinful, fossil fuel lifestyle! 


Last month Simon asked, "But is all warming bad? Can't a little global warming be a good thing in colder places?" We hear your answers and present you with a new puzzler question. This one is inspired by a question Charles Ashurst sent in.

You are at meeting with other climate advocates. There are the fresh young faces. There are also the seasoned older faces.  And there's Charlie, a crusty old curmudgeon who's been on the climate change band wagon since the 1970s. You just heard a presentation about the need  build on shared values with lawmakers and leaders in the fossil fuel industry. Charlie blurts out, "Shared values? Really? These are determined folks we're up against. They don't play nice. We are not going to win by playing nice with them." What do you say to crusty old Charlie?

Send in your answers. Leave your name, contact info, and where you are from.

Get back to Peterson by March, 15, 2017. You can email your answers to radio @ that’s radio @ You can also text or leave a voicemail of 3 minutes or less at 570.483.8194. (+1 if calling from outside the USA.) That number again is 570.483.8194

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